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LBFC Weekly Sermons

Jan 27, 2023

How do we, as followers of Jesus, handle disagreement while continuing in the peace to which Jesus has called us? This episode discusses the practical considerations that we need to address, led by Jesus, in order to undertake cooperative efforts together and with other groups wisely and in peace.

Jan 20, 2023

We're starting our new "hot topics" series with a consideration of how Christians are called to handle disagreement. This message takes a broad, principled approach to handling disagreement formed through considering Paul's advice to the Jesus people in Rome, particularly in chapters 12-15 of his letter to the Romans.

Jan 12, 2023

Joe reports a bit on his recent trip to Ireland and discusses our source of comfort in the face of the ambiguities of this world. Note that this talk was originally given with slides.

Slides for...