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LBFC Weekly Sermons

Jun 24, 2022

Jesus offended many who had been following him be telling them to eat his body and drink - what was that? his blood? What's that about? In a nutshell: Jesus is the source of life. He's what we need to live.

Jun 15, 2022

We want all the Fathers in our community - both biological and spiritual - to know that they are loved! God has a future of hope and purpose for them. And a part of his purpose is to pass these things on to the younger people around them. What a privilege to celebrate on this day!

Jun 10, 2022

Jesus does things that reveal he truly is Yahweh come to his people!

Jun 4, 2022

Jesus heals a man who couldn't walk for 38 years! Jerusalem leaders, instead of being grateful that one of ther people has been restored to health, are unhappy because Jesus "worked" on the Sabbath, and dispute with Jesus. Jesus tells them he's doing the work of Yahweh, and to believe because they see him doing what...