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LBFC Weekly Sermons

Oct 28, 2022

Mary Magdalene goes to Jesus' tomb and discovers things are not as she expected. Peter and John see the empty tomb, also... but then, Mary meets Jesus face to face. And finally, most of the others. It's hard to believe, as Thomas demonstrates. What to make of all this?

Oct 20, 2022

Jesus allows himself to be handed over to the execution squad and crucified; He is lifted up, using his own scriptural language. Nicodemus, to whom Jesus explained his purpose and significance in John's gospel, helps to carry him to a new tomb. That explanation sets the context for Jesus' death on the cross.

Oct 13, 2022

Jesus is taken before Pilate, the Roman governmor, for a "trial" early in the day. The temple authorities demand he be crucified. Pilate isn't so sure. "Are you king of the Jews?" And then there's the matter of Barabbas. This episode covers John 18.28 to 19.16.

Oct 6, 2022

Jesus is betrayed by one disciple, denied by another, and abandoned by the rest! They just don't understand what he is doing or why. How can these things happen to the chosen one? These failures set the scene for restoration and deepened understanding to come. This episode covers John 18.1-27.